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Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe known for its Orthodox churches, Black Sea coastline and forested mountains. Its capital is Kiev. Ukraine is bordered by Belarus to the north, Russia to the east, the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea to the south, Moldova and Romania to the southwest, and Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland to the west. In the far southeast, Ukraine is separated from Russia by the Kerch Strait, which connects the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea.

Bogomolets National Medical University

The University is one of the Oldest Medical Institutions in Ukraine having membership with UNESCO. Bogomolets national medical university established in 1841 is one of the institutes with excellence. Students from around 65 countries came here to study medicine. It has the highest level of accreditation by the Ministry of Health and Education i.e. level IV and has been training students for over 150 years.

Kharkiv National Medical University
Established: 1805

Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) Ukraine is one of the oldest higher educational establishments of Ukraine. It was founded in 1805 as the Medical Faculty of the Kharkiv University. Kharkov Medical Institute and Kharkov State Medical University are old names of Kharkiv National Medical University/KNMU. Kharkiv National Medical University is the best medical university in Ukraine for foreign students who want to Study Medicine in Ukraine. The Degree (MBBS, BDS, MD, MDS, MS, NURSING) of the Kharkov National Medical University (KNMU) is prestigious and it is recognized in many countries of the world.

Kharkiv International Medical University

Established: 1995

Kharkiv International Medical University is the self-financed private and leading institution, established in Ukraine, licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. It was the first international medical university of Ukraine established in the 19th century, to provide higher education in various domains, specifically medicine. The University is among the Top Ukrainian Medical Universities, which is recognized, accredited and accepted in the list of The General Media Council (GMC), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education & Research (FAMER), the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Media Council of India (MCI).

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM


Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is a Ukrainian higher learning institution for medical education. Established in 1992, KMU is the oldest private medical university in Ukraine. KMU has trained over 10,000 health personnel—mainly general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists and post graduates. Kyiv Medical University is one of the largest Ukrainian private universities and the only one with about 3200 students enrolled, 35% of which are foreign students from 56 countries. KMU has got IV (the highest) level of accreditation.

Kharkiv National University of Air Force


Kharkiv University of Air Force was found in 1930, on the 12th of November. Located in the city of Kharkiv on the east-northern part of Ukraine, the University is situated in academic center of the country. It offers courses: Aircraft Maintenance, Computer Engineering, Avionics, Aircraft and Rocket Construction and Design. There are totally 7 majors, 12 specialties and 24 specializations at the University. After graduation from the University international students become highly in demand in following areas: Accident Investigation/Prevention, Aircraft Crew Members, Aircraft Manufacturing, Airport Management, Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Safety, Consulting, Education/Instruction/Training, Ground Support Services, National Security, Logistics, Operations, Management, Air Craft Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Spacecraft Operations, Technical Writing, Transportation and Distribution Services.

Kherson State Maritime Academy

Established: 1778

Founded in 1778 and located at advantageous geographical and military position Kherson became a cradle of shipbuilding industry on the Black Sea. The rapid development of shipbuilding emerged the demand for marine specialists – navigators and skippers. A new maritime educational institution, offering degree in Maritime Engineering, has been founded in 1834 on the 20th of February. At present, Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA) is a higher educational institution of the ІVth accreditation level, which trains specialists in area of seagoing and shipbuilding specialties. Educational programs offered in «Navigation», «Ship Power Plants Operation», «Ship's Electrical Equipment and Automation».

Lviv National Medical University
Established: 1784

Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Galician – one of the leading medical universities in the fourth level. University workers are members of 70 international associations, scientific societies. In terms of activity Lviv National Medical Danylo Galician holds key positions in the rankings among higher education institutions and higher educational institutions of Ukraine (including the University ranked second among all higher educational institutions in the ranking of Education of Ukraine – 2013, and, according to the international database Scopus – second among all medical institutions of Ukraine). The University has received several awards and honors at state educational exhibitions, particularly its recognized leader HIGHER EDUCATION UKRAINE 5th International exhibition “Modern educational establishments in 2014”. 

National Technical University, Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute
Established: 1885

The National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTU "KhPI") ((Ukrainian: Національний технічний університет "Харківський політехнічний інститут")), in the city of Kharkiv, is the largest and oldest technical university in eastern Ukraine. Founded in 1885, it is the second-oldest technical university in the former Russian Empire (after Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology) and in the territory of modern Ukraine (after Lviv Polytechnic). NTU "KhPI" has been accredited as a university of the highest (IV) level. It trains full-time students in 91 fields and offers 69 fields for instruction by correspondence. It has the greatest number of matriculated students in eastern and southern Ukraine (4,377 places for full-time students and over 4,000 places for correspondence students). The university has 21 full-time departments, departments for correspondence and new full-time students, a center for foreign students, an inter-branch institute for advanced studies and three research and design institutes. It prepares specialists in the fields of machine-building, automation, electrical engineering, electronics, chemical engineering, control systems, management, computer science, software engineering and business.

Poltava Medical & Dental Academy
Established: 1921

University was established in 1921 with the name of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. Later in the year 1967, the academy was shifted to Poltava city and was renamed to Poltava Medical Dental Institute. After the years of progress and the results of the institute by implementing the advanced study methodology and hiring quality teaching staffs, the institute was finally accredited with Level IV accreditation in the year 1994. Now the institute was again renamed to Ukrainian Medical & Dental Academy.
 University has been contributing to many higher education programs around the world for UNESCO and UN. Ukrainian Medical & Dental Academy is a member of UNESCO and UN. Currently, more than 5,200 students study at the Academy, of which 5072 students in full time study form, including 1326 foreign students. It offers MBBS/MD and BDS programs in English Medium. 

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is today a classic university with a distinct research profile, and the leading contemporary academic and educational hub of Ukraine. The University awards Junior Specialist’s, Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degrees, Higher Qualification Post-graduate degrees and Doctoral degrees. Training and retraining programs are provided in 14 specialties of Junior Specialist qualification, 55 fields of Bachelor training programs, 49 areas of Specialist training programs and 98 fields of Master training programs. More than 26 thousand students study at the University. Approximately 1,645 postgraduate students and 125 PhD students are working for higher qualifications at the University.

​Ternopil State Medical University
Established: 1957

Ternopil State Medical University is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the large town of Ternopil (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants), Ternopil Oblast. Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ternopil State Medical University (TSMU) is a coeducational higher education institution. Ternopil State Medical University (TSMU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study. Ternopil State Medical University ranks first in Ukraine among the higher medical schools of the IVth accreditation level according to the latest rating list of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. More than 1500 international students from 53 countries of the world study at the University. Languages of instruction: Ukrainian, English, Russian. Agreements on cooperation have been signed with universities from 17 countries of the world. 15 years' experience of teaching medicine in English.