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Program description:
Program aims to prepare competitive and highly qualified specialists, who have raised awareness in public health care politics and whose main skills and knowledge are based on thorough knowledge of pharmaceutical disciplines and harmonizing practical work; Equip students with knowledge appropriate for international medical-pharmaceutical standards and provide them with essential skills; Provide students with deep and thorough knowledge of fundamental and profiled subjects and help them acquire the practical skills how to implement their theoretical knowledge; Prepare bachelors in pharmacy with appropriate competences in liberal values, with ability to upgrade professionally and continue their studies to the next stage of learning and with the ability to be focused on practical activities. They will be able to provide qualified pharmaceutical assistance, to perform pharmaceutical analyses, to lead structural units in pharmaceutical institutions and to continue their studies at the higher level of education.

After completion of the educational program the graduates will gain the knowledge on pharmaceutical raw materials, production, processing, drugs, technology, analysis, standardization, rational pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical activity. S/he will develop practical skills to implement the core activities of a pharmacist (pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical and pharmacognostic analysis and use of pharmaceutical technology). At a later stage s/he will be able to continue learning and will be equipped with the proper values.

After the completion of the program, a graduate: 

General/transferable competences 

 > has wide knowledge of field including critical attitude to theories and principles. Acknowledges complex issues of this sphere.

Branch competences:

> knows the structure of human organism, organ forms and organ systems. Cell integration and tissue formation, different tissue structural and functional organization, their origin. Basic biological processes going in human organism on molecular and cell level;

> knows regulations of molecular mechanisms of living processes, heritage and changeability during normal live-growing processes and their violation;
> knows the composition of basic classes of compounds in living organism, change of carbohydrate, proteins, lipids and other compounds, pathological processes;
> knows all chemical and pharmacology groups, mechanisms of their activity, pharmacology effects, ways of their introduction in the organism, biotransformation and elimination; basis of rational pharmacotherapy.
> knows morphological, physiological, biochemical facilities of micro-world (bacteria, fungus, viruses) and their interaction on human being, concretely on immune system;
> knows bases of creating safe surrounding for the health of human being;
> knows principles of pharmaceutical establishment and enterprise organization, bases of management of marketing economics;
> knows bases of biological, chemical, mechanical and physical analysis, processing and preparation of pharmaceutical production and materials;
is able to work on principles of instruments and apparatus-machines applied during analysis and preparation of pharmaceutical products.
> knows the basic questions of mathematics;
> acknowledges physical, biochemical and pathological processes going in the organism and the importance and the role of biologically active substances;
> acknowledges the importance of keeping methods of standardization, analysis, keeping rules, processing, drying and preparation of pharmaceutical materials while making safe and effective pharmaceutical production of high quality under conditions of chemistry and enterprise;
> acknowledges the importance of fulfilling the demands defined by international standards in pharmaceutical practice, organizational structure of pharmaceutical institutions and the basis of marketing economics;
> acknowledges the general structure of pharmacy and the connection between its sub-branches;
> acknowledges the professional responsibility and the necessity to observe appropriate ethical norms.

Areas of professional activities for the graduates: 

The provision of the population with effective and safe medicine;
Medical Institutions (clinic, hospital et.)
Drug production according to necessity and its serial production Drug quality control;
Drug quality control;
Medicinal herbal raw material production;
Carrying our scientific-research work according to their specialty;                                    

 Graduates Employment spheres:

Health care service;
Pharmaceutical institutions (various types of property – pharmaceutical manufacture, base units, drug stores, laboratories and etc.);
Governmental structures;
Shop of medicinal production and chemical reagents;
Drug quality control laboratory;
Toxicological laboratory and chemical forensic expertizing;
Psychotropic and narcotic drug laboratories;
Scientific -research institutions aiming at natural and synthetic compounds, their standardization, biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic studies, conducting market research and also analyzing the provision of the population with medicines;