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Medical Doctor

Direction:  Healthcare
Qualification Awarded: Medical Doctor (MD)
Program Director: Zaza Avaliani
Language of Instruction: English
Duration: 12 terms
Program Capacity: 360 credits
Tuition Fee: 4500 USD equivalent in GEL

Program Goal

The objective of the program is to prepare a specialist in the field of healthcare for vocational activities of practical nature. The program also aims to provide the graduates with not only the theoretical knowledge, but development of clinical skills and ethical values essential for this career. By maintaining a high level of teaching and learning, the program intends to prepare specialists who will know how to improve health conditions of patients and society based on integration of their theoretical and practical knowledge. In the norm and pathology, they will master:

> Main physical, chemical, biological and physiological laws processes and events of the human body;
> The structure, topography and development of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems, in relation to their function.
> General laws of origin and development of life, laws of genetics and vital activity of organism;
> Main characteristics of medicinal products and forms, their classification, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics;
> Professional algorithms for the diagnosis, treatment of patients and coping with the practical tasks of disease prevention, rules of working with the medical diagnostic   equipment;
> The ways to process medical documentation and professional communication with the patients and colleagues, including in oral and written form in a foreign language.

The aim of the program is to provide students with the values of maintaining hygiene, healthy and safe environment for the society, and make sure they understand the inevitability of continuous medical education and professional development.

Hundreds of Georgian and foreign students study at the European University at this stage and 17 accredited educational programs are implemented by over 300 academic and more than 100 administrative personnel. Educational programs are being carried out in two educational buildings in Tbilisi.

Our success should be completely attributed to our excellent team.  Owing to 6 years of tireless efforts and embodying various innovative ideas, European University managed to hold its niche among Georgian higher educational institutions. It’s important to us that both a student and the academic staff had a sense of complete freedom in learning and teaching process. Our priority is to make sure the university employees are focused on a common goal and equally share a role of the university as a higher educational institution in providing students with higher education.

Faculty Of Medicine


1. Medical Doctor
2. Dentistry

European University is a higher educational institution bearing status of an authorized teaching university which carries out educational programs of higher academic education in accordance with the legislation and issues a document certifying the qualification recognized by the state. 
European University is represented by 3 faculties:

Faculty of Business and Technology;
Faculty of Law, Humanitarian and Social Sciences;
Faculty of Medicine;


Qualification Awarded:  Doctor of Dental Medicine 
Program Director: Maia Shanidze
Language of instruction: Georgian/English
Duration: 10 terms
Program Capacity: 300 credits
Tuition Fee for the Program in Georgian: 2250 GEL
Tuition Fee for the Program in English: 3000 USD equivalent in GEL

Program Goals

In line with modern demands of the job market, the program aims to shape a qualified specialist of theoretical and practical skills who will be able to successfully go through the vocational development program and become competitive in the job market. The objective of the program is to ensure that a student develops practical skills in various fields of dentistry. The program covers the blocks of subjects related to the dentistry, including: Pediatric Dentistry, Surgical Dentistry, Orthopedic Dentistry, and Orthodontics. Dental education courses includes working, a role playing, and other activities in the phantom laboratory that provides  direct contact of a student to dental research objects, instruments and materials at clinics and working out practical skills in different fields of dentistry.

The aim of the program is to prepare students for a successful professional career for which it is essential to develop good logical and critical thinking, effective communication skills both in Georgian and English along with the field knowledge, skills and abilities.

The university is staffed by highly qualified academic personnel and scientists who have many years of scientific and academic experience working in the leading universities and scientific-research institutes in Georgia, Europe and the USA. We ensure constant development of our students’ ideas and knowledge and also encourage our professors to increase their knowledge. Therefore, the university carries out scientific-research field works, has scientific-research institutes and publishes scientific-practical journals that are peer-reviewed and indexed in international scientific bases such as: Oaji, Sis, Google Scholar and Index Copernicus.

The Faculty of Medicine of European University has already made a name for itself on Georgian and foreign market and is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). In addition, European University is represented in the World Directory of Medical Schools. The faculty is also recognized by the Medical Council of India and Council of Higher Education of Turkey. European University is a member of Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).

The faculty of law, humanitarian and social sciences cooperates with the Council of Europe and the house of court in Miami (USA). Consequently, successful students of the faculty have opportunity to do their internship in Strasburg and Miami. Four times a year at the faculty, lecturers invited from the US universities read the special courses of international law in English. There is a scientific-research institute at the faculty and international scientific reference and reviewing journal- Law and the World is published as well.

The faculty of business and technology collaborates with the universities of Michigan, Illinois and Chicago. Professors from the US universities visit us on a regular basis to give lectures.  There is an institute at the faculty for studying economic and social problems of globalization. Also, the scientific-practical journal Globalization and Business is published.

The university is equipped with modern technological base, various library facilities and necessary appliances for relevant programs. The institution keeps student oriented policy providing them with the university scholarships and an opportunity to study abroad. European University is focused on encouraging intercultural dialogues, thus establishes an educational area in which each student feels like a full member of the society regardless his/her ethnic, racial, religious or other distinguishing features. For the same purpose, Georgian and foreign students of the university are involved in joint bilingual projects in different directions.

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