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Caucasus International University CIU

Caucasus International University (CIU) was founded in 1995. The university was founded as a medical institute “Clinitsist” in 1995. The university received a license from the Ministry of Education of Republic of Georgia in the same year. In 2005 it was granted Accreditation by Accreditation Council of Higher Education Institution. In 2006, the name and founders of the institute “Clinitsist” were changed and it was formed as a multi-profile higher education institution – Caucasus International University.

Caucasus International University went through the authorization process with great success and has been granted authorization for six years by the joint decision of the Authorization Council of the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement In 2018 (14.11.2018 decision #88) . The highest assessment document was issued among the higher educational institutions of Georgia.

Faculty of Medicinehas been operating since 1995 and has numerous successful and highly qualified alumni. Medicine Program is a member of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research – “FAIMER-IMED” and World Health Organization – “AVICENNA”.

Caucasus International University was included in the list of acknowledged foreign Medical Institutions by Medical Council of India (MCI) in 2016 and it became a member of an International Association for Medical Education “AMEE”in 2018.

The Faculty offers the following accredited Educational Programs:
Medicine (Georgian and English);
Dentistry (Georgian and English);
Pharmacy (Georgian and English);
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (English).

By the decision of the Professional Development Council of the State Regulation Agency for Medical Activities of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia issued on February 1, 2019, Caucasus International University and its affiliated clinics were granted accreditation for the Dermatology and Venereology Residency Program and the quota was defined by 9 applicants.

Each Educational Program envisages basic and clinical disciplines. For this reason, teaching laboratories of basic disciplines are operating at the university such as Anatomy Room equipped with the latest anatomical models and phantoms, Biochemical Teaching Laboratory, Research Laboratory of Neuroscience and Applied Physiology- where students are able to conduct experiments on animals. In addition, students have an opportunity to participate in various kinds of experiments, carried out in Ivane Beritashvili “Life Science Centre”.

Modern infrastructure and technology contribute to creating a perfect environment both for professors and students. Practical classes in clinical disciplines are conducted in leading Georgian clinics and Medical Institutions, thus giving the opportunity to successful students to be employed in the future.

Anatomical Theatre and Clinical Skills Center are functioning at the faculty of Medicine, Caucasus International University. They are equipped with the latest educational-medical technologies – modern computer and high-tech equipment, simulators and other educational models manufactured by the International Corporation “3B Scientific”. The above-mentioned corporation represents the world leader company in the manufacturing of anatomical and medical – biological patterns (Hamburg, Germany). Medical simulators imitate real patients, which provides the development of students’ clinical and communicative skills. Clinical Skills Centre aims to give efficient and up-to-date education in clinical and practical skills to future doctors. Students have an opportunity to acquire basic clinical, emergency, obstetrics and gynecological, resuscitation, therapeutic and surgical practical skills. Clinical Skills Centre plays an important role in the upbringing and formation of highly qualified medical personnel.

Within the framework of the Dentistry Program, Phantom Cabinets and University Dental Clinic are operating at the university, which enable students to have direct contact with patients from an early stage of studies.

Teaching at the faculty is carried out in accordance with international standards. The University provides all the conditions for gaining high-quality knowledge and leading an interesting student life. Academic courses are conducted by highly-qualified academic personnel and visiting professors.

Annual International Scientific Conference for Students is conducted at University, which is very popular among higher educational institutions. CIU medical students actively participate in the conference.

Our university attracts more and more foreign university entrants and students. Currently, more than 700 CIU medical students are the citizens of various countries, such as France, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Israel and Great Britain. The number of students significantly increases per term.

The construction of Multi-Profile University Clinic is planned in the near future.

Caucasus International University was granted an institutional accreditation for 5 years on the basis of the decision made by Accreditation Council of Higher Education Institution in 2007. Afterwards, CIU was granted Authorization for 5 years on the basis of the decision made by Authorization Council of HEI of National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement in 2012. During the period of the last authorization (from 2012 – till present) up to 30 Undergraduate, One- cycle, Post-graduate and PhD Educational Programs of Caucasus International University were granted accreditation.

By the decision of the Authorization Council of National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement made on 14 July, 2015 Caucasus International University application has been approved and in accordance to the decision of the council the number of university students has been defined by 4700.

On March 4, 2019, by the unanimous decision of the Accreditation Council members of Higher Educational Programs of National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, the number of CIU students has increased by 2700 and has been defined in total by 7400.

CIU offers Bachelor, One-step , Master and Doctoral programs.

CIU offers the following faculties:

Social Sciences;

University Vision:

Caucasus International University is an educational-scientific institution that supports socio-economic progress, and develops values of Georgian and world culture based on modern knowledge.

University Mission:

Caucasus International University creates modern learning and scientific environment by implementing innovative methods, as well as through intercultural education and diverse university life. The University ensures upbringing a generation with democratic values that will be competitive at the local and international labor markets.